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Open the box? Don't open the box?

Published on January 20 23:46:45 2017 By Collectors Den

It is getting more and more difficult for collectors to decide on the age old question, should I open the box and take my awesome new collectible out, or do I leave it in the box safe and sound away from grubby hands, spilt cups of tea or household pets?

Well, we are here to try and give you some advice, pro's and con's on both sides of the argument, both with different types of packaging and also depending on the item itself.

As you can see from the two sample pictures we have included in this article, matters are not being helped by the manufacturers, because the packaging is getting so good, in alot of cases the packaging itself really sets the item off so you wouldn't want to remove the item and hide the box away.

Blister Packaging

This type of packing is most commonly used on items like action figures, which are more often than not, card backed with a clear plastic blister which contains your brand new figure, almost waiting to be prized out to play with or put on display.  Now, with most adult collectors, this is not a problem, as from personal experience, we like to keep the figures and display in the blister, but you try telling an 8 year old kid on their birthday or Christmas Day that they can't open their brand new Luke Skywalker action figure, it just doesn't happen.  So while we are deciding whether to open this or not, age of the person obviously comes into account, because it has been bought as a toy and not something to sit proudly on a shelf in this case.

Back to the adult collector, again from personal experience, from the age of 18 years old you stop opening action figures and start to admire the whole package, the figure inside, the accessories, the artwork which would include the item title, any cartoon drawings of the item and then the description on the back like a blurb on a book, and ofcourse the back of the card also shows the rest of the line that you simply must go out and buy to complete the set.  The disadvantage of removing your item from a blister packed item is that once it has been removed, the packaging can never be resealed again, so think carefully before you decide.

Window Box Packaging

This is where it really starts to get tricky now.  Companies like Mezco Toyz, Mcfarlane Toys & NECA are really sparing now expense in making sure the packaging is worthy of a place on your shelf.  We can also folding covers over the window box which keeps us in suspense when we receive the item, giving that extra bit of enjoyment when you open it to reveal what's inside.  Simple tricks employed are really effective, employing bright colours draws you in, including scenes from the series that the item will have appeared in might stir a sentlemental emotion in you, harking back to your childhood which is a very clever strategy which in all fairness, we like.....alot! The benefits of most window box packaged items is that you can carefully split the sticky tape sealing the box and remove the item without damaging the box and keep the ties that keep it in place, and you can display and then pack away again any time you like without damaging the box.

So to summarise, there is no right or wrong answer to the question of whether to open the box or not, it depends on a number of different factors:-

Age - who is it for?

To Keep - are you going to keep it in your collection?

To Sell - Do you want it t have more sell on value?  Items unopened are worth more.

Display - Are you going to display on a stand, in a cabinet, on a shelf?

Packed up - Are you going to pack it up and store it away?

Alot of collectors are of the opinion that collectibles are bought to be shown off on display, so however you display your collection, it doesn't really matter as it is your collection to enjoy and show off to your friends when they come round.

Thanks for reading our first blog, we hope it has been informative and thought provoking.

Collectors Den.