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Upcoming MCM Comic Con Liverpool

Published on February 24 23:13:03 2017 By Collectors Den

Well, we are less than 2 weeks away from MCM Comic Con in Liverpool, which takes place on 11th & 12th March 2017 at the Exhibition Centre.

MCM events have never failed to impress since the first time I attended in Manchester 3 years ago.

This year there are some special guests to take note of, and their attendance might just persuade you to buy a ticket or turn up on the day (if tickets are still available).  To name a few, David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser & Antonio Fargas from the original TV Show "Starsky & Hutch" will be making an appearance, Chris Barrie, who plays Rimmer in the cult classic Red Dwarf will be there, Peter Davison who was the fifth doctor in Doctor Who will be there, but we have saved the best for last.......


Yes that's right folks, Flash Gordon himself, Sam Jones will be in attendance both days and I think this is worth the £15 admission fee on it's own.

Once inside, you will be able to plan your day, I have found the best way to do it is by going through the venue aisle by aisle, making note of anything that takes your fancy, and basically making a short list, there's nothing worse than making an impulse by of the first thing you see, only to carry on walking round and either seeing the same item at a cheaper price, or something totally different that you would have preferred to buy instead.  Also, keep and eye out for when the special guests will be making an appearance as they wont be sat there all day, they do need a break from the adulation from the fans.

Feel free to attend in cosplay aswel, there are competitions ran through the day for the best costumes, and the kids aswel as some of the bigger kids love the excuse to get dressed up as their favourite characters, and people have no problem in posing for photographs when asked.

There are cash machines inside the venue, but these charge you for using them, so make sure to take enough money in with you and if possible stick to your budget, believe me it is very easy to get carried away.  Alot of the venders do also take payments via paypal, card or contactless, but if you have the cash, you know what you are spending.

Before you go, please make sure to check the MCM Liverpool website as sometimes there might be a change in the guest line up due to 'work commitments' etc.

Liverpool isn't the only city to host an MCM Comic Con event, check out the website to see when there will be one near you this year, they really are worth attending.

We will be in attendance on Saturday 11th March, not as a vendor, but as paying spectators. We hope to see you there, and keep a look out for our follow up blog after we have been on the day.

Thanks for reading.

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